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Bidding In The Auction Hall


When you come to the auction Hall a number will be given to you. When you want to bid for a lot, you just raise your number. If no one else is interested you get it at the starting price. Otherwise we increase the bids according to the steps described in the auction's "Conditions of Sale".  You can stop at anytime by puting your number down.

A list with the "hall starting prices" will be given to you before the auction begins. To this list you can see the lots for which we have written bids and the new starting price (i.e. Lot x has a starting price 100€. We have bid from A of 110€ and bid from B of 200€. In the list we show the price of 120€ that is the price buyer B is winning it , if nobody in the hall is interested for this lot).

Unfortunately this list is never complete due to last time phone biddings, after printing it. These last minute bids are being announced during the auction.

If you are interested not to loose a lot and you cannot come to the auction hall, you can participate by phone.
How it works:
a. You contact us and you tell us the first lot you are interested in.
b. You give us a contact number.
c. We tell you at (about) what time we will call you.
d. We call you before we reach the first lot you are interested in (i.e. if the your first lot is 1400 we will call you when we are at lot  1380-1385)
e. We tell you over the phone the number of the lot and then we ask you the amounts (i.e. lot 1401, 110€ is ok for you; 130
€ is ok for you etc) until the amount you win or you stop.
f. When all lots finish we will confirm the results.
ATTENTION: You must be sure that your telephone is available at the time of the auction. (The time we said we will call you is estimated). It is better to give us 2 numbers (a landline and a mobile). If we cannot reach you  YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE.

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